The Difference Between Conventional and Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a popular advertising method. To appreciate mobile marketing more, you have to know the differences between a conventional advertising method and mobile marketing. As a business owner, it’s important for you to understand why mobile marketing is better for your business than conventional advertising so you can take advantage of this great method.

Target Consumer Reach. When looking for an advertising strategy, it’s important to choose the one that would help you reach as many consumers as you can. A television commercial is a conventional advertising technique. How many of your target consumer do you think would be able to see the ad and remember it long enough to respond to it? There are more mobile phone users than TV owners and you can’t be sure how many of these TV owners are in your target consumer population. If you own a salon and are running an ad campaign for Junior and Senior prom, how can you be sure that most of your target consumer will see your ad on TV? In mobile marketing, you can conveniently send your promo details to your subscribers when prom season starts.

Timely Response. Most conventional ad campaigns fail because customers eventually forget what your advertisement was about by the time they needed your service. If you’re a restaurateur, you’d want your clientele to remember your restaurant during meal times. If you have a TV commercial that runs on random times during the day, your customers might not remember you when it’s time to eat lunch. Mobile marketing provides solution to this problem by allowing you to send appropriate messages on the most critical hours of the day so your customers can respond immediately to your offers.

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SMS Messaging, Not Only a Communication Tool But Also an Advertising Medium

SMS messaging is one of the most important communication tools we have today. It helps communicating with each other even more convenient than before. How many text messages have you sent today? How many have you received? If you are a business owner, you should know that SMS messaging can also be used to advertise your business.

Advertisers are now using SMS messaging as an advertising medium. SMS marketing is convenient advertising at your fingertips. Apart from making sure you’re customers are informed of your products and services, SMS messaging also helps in creating good customer relationships. In any kind of business, keeping old clients are as important as having new clients. Through constant communication, you will be able to increase customer loyalty and get new customers.

SMS messaging is a powerful medium not only in communication but also in advertising. In today’s economy, you have to be practical with your choices. It’s important to get the most out of everything you spend your money on. In SMS marketing, you get 2 important factors you need for a successful business: communication and advertising.

With SMS messaging, you can conveniently inform your customers about your latest products and services. You can easily give out digital coupons so your customers don’t have to look for discount coupons on newspapers or magazines and cut them out. SMS messaging encourages your customers to take your offers as soon as they can because they receive your messages in a timely manner and they are always reminded of your promos because your messages are saved in their phones.

SMS messaging allows your customers to conveniently send their comments about your products and services. When customers are able to contact you easily, you can be sure that they’d want to visit your establishment again and see the improvements in your business.

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Use Text Marketing to Improve Your Business

For your business to have a constant flow of revenue, you need to have a steady stream of customers. For your customers to come back, they should be satisfied with your products and services. Different approaches are done to achieve this but the best way to connect with your customers is by using text marketing.

Many marketing strategies can be used to improve your business. However, most methods utilize static information. It uses pictures, jingles and commercial ads. Text marketing is an interactive method which not only costs less but is also very effective. You can use text marketing to send special offers, discounts, new products and updates. You can also use it to gather comments from your customers.

As you know, feedback is important in any type of business. You can use this information to improve your products and services. In text marketing, your customers can easily send requests, reservations or inquiries. This makes it very convenient for them especially for very busy people. They don’t need to drop by your store or use a computer just to ask a question. Getting your customers constantly involved will make them prefer your services instead of others. Why? Because the information you constantly send will make customers know your company well.

Most people want to know the company they’re dealing with before doing any transactions. For example, there might be a competitor’s ad posted in a busy street. If the ad says “We are the best!” customers cannot ask the ad “why are you the best?” With text marketing, any inquiry can be addressed immediately and you can provide your customers with the information they need.

Text marketing can greatly improve your business. It provides your customers with information they want and give you information you can use for your business. Click here to learn more about text marketing

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Reducing Costs through Mobile Marketing

Any business wants to reduce costs but doesn’t want to compromise quality. How are you going to do that and at the same time generate more revenue? One way to increase marketing efficiency is by using mobile marketing. It costs less and reaches a bigger audience. Here are some advantages of mobile marketing.

Increasing efficiency is one of the priorities of any kind of business. One of the most budget consuming aspects of a business is marketing. In traditional marketing, spending a lot won’t guarantee substantial returns. Marketing is like gambling because the outcome isn’t sure .You can create the fanciest ad or jingle but it won’t guarantee a successful ad campaign. There is a chance that your ad campaign may fail.

Instead of gaining more profit, the money you allotted for advertising is just put to waste. Mobile marketing can help your business reduce marketing costs by increasing efficiency. You are not restricted with your ads because you deliver it directly to your customer’s mobile phone. Your customers could be in another state and receive your ads. Unlike traditional methods, advertising on a far place will be expensive because logistics will add up to your marketing costs.

Mobile marketing is not only a marketing method but also a line of communication without additional costs. This marketing method has a dual purpose. You can receive questions or suggestions from your customers and you can use this to customize and improve your services. If you have the best service, your customers will refer you to other people, thereby increasing potential customers. Your business will benefit more from mobile marketing compared to conventional ways.

Mobile marketing is a multi-purpose tool that can help increase your profits without spending more. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of mobile marketing

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Saving Money through Effective Restaurant Mobile Marketing

Your customers are very important to your restaurant because without them, your business wouldn’t thrive. You need to find a way to make them loyal to your business. Having a good restaurant marketing strategy can help create this relationship.

Increasing your number of customers and making them loyal to your restaurant can be done using different ways. Freebies, discounts and exceptional customer service are ways to please your customers. However, SMS marketing is a more effective approach you can use for your restaurant. With this form of restaurant marketing, you send ads as text messages to your customers. You can send menus, new dishes or discounts and they can respond to them immediately.

Also if you have a good offer, your ads can be forwarded to their friends and this can effectively increase your patrons. This is not only limited to restaurant marketing but can also be used as a way for you to reach out to your customers. Knowing what they really want will help improve your restaurant. For example, you can ask your customers to suggest their favorite dishes so that you can expand your menu. Making their favorite dish a part of your menu makes them feel important and gives them reasons to come back to your restaurant.

This restaurant marketing method doesn’t only reduce the money spent in ads but also helps keep your customers loyal and happy. The savings you get can be allotted to other things like upgrading of internal processes or adding more staff to improve customer service. This maximizes the use of your resources and reduces wasted time and money.

This restaurant marketing technique not only costs less but also allows your business to be constantly connected to your customers. Allowing them to actively participate in your business creates a strong business relationship. To learn more about marketing through text messaging, check out Qittle Mobile Marketing

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SMS Marketing, Helping Small and Medium Size Businesses Grow

Small and medium sized businesses usually don’t do extensive marketing because of budget constraints. When budgets get in the way of advertising, you may have a hard time getting new customers and keeping the old ones. Your profit will suffer. One low-cost solution is using SMS marketing. This is very effective in propagating your ads and it costs less than traditional marketing campaigns.

Most businesses are sticking with the usual marketing methods because these methods have been around for a very long time. Newer methods like SMS marketing are more efficient because they cost less and can reach more consumers than the traditional advertising method. Mobile phones are a necessity nowadays. 90% of the population uses mobile phones to communicate with one another. This means that you can reach a larger number of people when sending your marketing information. You are able to deliver your business directly to your customers. If they are interested with your offer, they can immediately reply. This makes it easier for customers to reach your business.

No more waiting for someone to answer the phone or getting to a computer to send an email. Wherever they are, they can inquire about your services. These are the advantages of SMS marketing compared to common advertising schemes. There are also other uses for SMS marketing. You can use it for polls, interactive games and receive suggestions. Getting your customers involved with your marketing program increases your business exposure. Most people want to get their friends involved with their activities. If you have a good deal and your customer thinks a friend could benefit from it, they can simply forward your ad. This effectively spreads your ad outside your listed customers which means an increase in profits.

Small and medium sized companies should explore new methods to increase their marketing presence. SMS marketing can help businesses expand by targeting a larger market thereby increasing revenue. Check out Qittle SMS marketing

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Take Control of Your Advertisements

Text marketing is one of the many kinds of advertising methods you can use to market your business. One great advantage of text marketing over an ordinary advertising method is the amount of control it gives you to monitor and improve your advertisements.

Timing is important in advertising any kind of business. This is the reason television prime time rates are more expensive than any time of the day. If you want more people to see your television commercials, you need to put your commercials on a prime time slot. Coming up with a television commercial is very expensive but even if you spend a lot of money on your television commercial it still won’t guarantee perfect timing for your ad and a successful ad campaign.

Why is timing important? An advertisement is more powerful when presented during times people actually need a product or service. An example of a business that can benefit from perfect timing of advertisements is a restaurant. You can increase the number of customers coming in during dining hours by sending timely messages about your menu and different meal deals on specific times of the day.

If you have a breakfast special, sending a message in the morning when people are getting ready for work would make people think of coming to your restaurant for a quick breakfast meal instead of just bringing coffee to work.  A text message sent at the end of the day about your happy hour specials will convince clients have a few drinks in your restaurant before heading home.

Commercials and posters are great but they can easily be forgotten especially if they are not seen at specific times of the day when people should be thinking about your products or services like during meal times. Click here to learn more about text marketing

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