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Qittle Social Networking, Update 30 Sites All From Qittle

How would you like to update all of your Social Networks every time you send an SMS or Email from your Qittle account? Now you can. We’ll set up your Qittle account so that it connects with all of your … Continue reading

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Businesses to Use SMS for the Hearing Impaired

Many businesses in today’s world deal directly with the deaf and hearing impaired. While technology has recently begun to aid in this demographics specific needs, SMS messaging is still the current solution for communication. There are drawbacks to SMS messaging … Continue reading

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Quote from Roberto Canessa from Stranded

“I learned that when everything feels hopeless, if you wait a little, sometimes in the walls that seemed to offer no way out, doors you never imagined may appear if you know how to wait. When you’re desperate, don’t know … Continue reading

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Energy Outreach Colorado Facebook Group

Helping all Coloradans afford home energy. In our 20 years of existence, Energy Outreach Colorado has been dedicated to helping Colorado’s neediest families meet their home energy needs. Through the Charitable Energy Network and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP), … Continue reading

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Currently about 25 million Smart Phone users

The number of smartphone users, currently about 25 million (mostly Apple iPhones), is expected to increase four-fold by 2013, according to market researcher, In-Stat. Apple’s iPhone applications store keeps growing, too. It now tops 25,000 applications. With the Android smartphone … Continue reading

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Gym Mobile Marketing Presence

MOBILE MARKETING FOR GYMS, SPAS, AND STUDIOS These days, it is harder to get information to people due to the vast amounts of spam filters guarding email accounts. Even email that people want doesn’t seem to make it to most … Continue reading

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Top Facebook Insights

1) The 35-54 year old demo is growing fastest, with a 276.4% growth rate in over the approximate 6 months since we last produced this report 2) The 55+ demo is not far behind with a 194.3% growth rate 3) … Continue reading

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