SMS Marketing Collars the Pet Industry

Even in these recessionary times, mobile marketing company CEO Casey McConnell, says the pet business is a great niche for the SMS marketing industry. Why?  Because the pet business in America is a $50 billion a year industry. That’s total projected sales for 2010 as set out by the American Pet Products Association — and the figure is expected to grow.

The break-down includes $11 billion on pet supplies (including over-the-counter medicine), with $3.45 billion forked over on pet services including grooming. Pet owners tend to be extremely committed to their pets, seeing them as integral family members who need to be taken care of and pampered. In addition to basic food stuffs and veterinary care, pet owners buy toys, bedding, fencing, clothing as well as services like day care and grooming.

When you consider that there are family pets in over 71 million homes across the nation, it’s no wonder the pet industry is thriving.

In mobile marketing, says McConnell (a pet lover himself, and owner of two Labrador Retrievers), the more precisely you can target each consumer the better the ad response rate. What’s great about the pet industry is that hyper-specificity actually inherent. You’ve got specifics across the board to work with: the type of pet; the breed of animal; its age; its sex (which goes to veterinarians mainly when sending client reminders regarding spays and neuters); the location.

You’ve also got the broader types of classification, of course — the product itself (food, supplies) and the service (grooming, day care, vet) being offered.

A boon to any sales niche is the large pool of consumers, already proven to be repeat customers who spend an increasing amount annually.

Basically the pet industry is a marketer’s dream, no matter what form of advertising you’re in. However, with the use of a focused mobile marketing plan, McConnell expects to see new client redemption rates run as high as 20 to 25 percent (vs 2 percent with most print coupons, for example). As those text marketing campaigns continue and broaden over several months, McConnell adds, the response rate should grow even higher with a corresponding growth in the client’s customer opt-in database.

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