SMS Marketing Makes Data Collection Easier

Obtaining private information from customers can be difficult at times, acknowledges mobile marketing company CEO Casey McConnell of Even getting general data like zip codes at store check-outs is increasingly met with suspicion by many consumers.

With text marketing, businesses have already established a base level of trust. This is because the customer has chosen to take action by sending an opt-in message to the store or service. This may have come about from an ad or through a friend’s recommendation, but the bottom line is that the action is initiated by the consumer.

Once communication is established, specials and sales offered by text messages can be written so that the offer can only be had when certain information is provided. Take free samples by mail. These are nothing new, of course, but when you obtain a mailing address from someone who has already expressed interest in your services or products, that information is worth much more than getting the address of a person who simply likes collecting free samples.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of trust at all that makes data collection a problem. If you’ve got a busy front desk at a hair salon, bowling alley or community center, for example, it may just be that staff is more concerned about moving customers quickly and efficiently than stopping to confirm a mailing address or birth dates or whatever other information you’re collecting.

Again, when your SMS marketing offers are such that they can only be accessed after the customer responds with the correct data input, you create a positive situation. The consumer confirms opt-in and continued interest by keying in the required information; you streamline your on-site customer service desk and free up staff to focus on issues at hand; plus you obtain demographic details for your database — and it’s straight from the source.

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