Eco-friendly Text Marketing

There are several reasons to choose SMS marketing over (or in conjunction with) traditional print ads, says Casey McConnell. As founder and CEO of, a mobile marketing company, McConnell can confirm that text marketing is generally far less expensive (at between 5 and 10 cents per text depending on the volume of messages). than direct mail or other print campaigns.

The cost is further impacted by lack of response which is much higher when engaging in a blanket print advertising campaign. Opt-in text messages are currently enjoying a response rate that is as much as 20-25 percent higher than blankets ads like inserts, flyers and direct mail.

When it comes to being environmentally responsible, paperless marketing is a clearly ahead of any advertising in printed form. To put it bluntly, a business that uses text marketing can score eco-friendly points with consumers. However, real environmental good is being done.

By foregoing paper, green marketing goes straight to crucial world issues like deforestation and habitat destruction, as well as landfill concerns. Did you know that nearly all discarded paper products in the U.S. are single-use? Junk mail is certainly at the top of that list.

Because text messages can be changed, ads in different media can become sort of evergreen. For instance, if you’re a bookstore and you hand out free bookmarks at the cash, a generic ‘something for nothing every week’ ad (with SMS contact info) will entice customers to text. Not only can the auto-response message be changed for the weekly deal, but you can easily change requests for information and schedule reminders if opt-in customers miss a week.

If you formulate an interactive SMS marketing campaign (the bookmark encourages customers to vote for the book they think should make the best-seller list, for instance), a useful and reusable piece of cardboard–made from recycled paper products, naturally–moves from being a static ad to one that is actionable, measurable and long-term.

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