Mobile Marketing and Niche Markets

In any form of advertising, the more clearly you answer the customer’s “what’s in it for me” question, the better — and in mobile marketing, with an opt-out just a STOP key away, getting to the heart of the matter needs to be done with immediacy and speed. Niche markets, including those that sell basically one product, have a distinct advantage to those advertisers promoting a variety of services or inventory: their opt-in text marketing list is composed of people interested in that specific product.

That doesn’t mean niche markets need to be limited in their SMS marketing creativity. In fact, the opposite may be true. The laser-focus on one main product gives companies like bookstores a great springboard from which to work.

Let’s take a comic book shop as an example of a niche market. First of all, you’ve got a very dedicated group of consumers, the demographics of which will show you that they are young, smart phone-savvy and inter-connected (which can make for great word-of-mouth or viral marketing spin-offs).

Response will be positive with any mobile marketing campaign that includes reduced prices or coupons. Add to that notices such as author appearances (at your place of business) or conventions (and you’re offering the chance to win free admission with any purchase), and your response rate will likely increase.

Synergistic ads can also prove to increase ROI in SMS marketing. If your comic book shop can work out a deal with an illustrator, for example, you might offer a contest for free art lessons while the artist can give his sketch students coupons to your store. You can also take advantage of the fact that most comic book shop customers are young people, looking for something to do. By timing messages effectively (“Hey, what are doing this weekend?”) and offering an event (a local Comic Con), you can exploit your niche interest exponentially.

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