Mobile Marketing Rapid Growth Leads to Innovation in Advertising

According to a news brief by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the next year will see a boom in mobile marketing as more businesses use advertising strategies that fully incorporate text messaging and other SMS marketing techniques. Additionally, the majority of those businesses already using mobile marketing plan to increase their advertising budgets over the same twelve-month period.

This isn’t news to Casey McConnell, CEO of, a mobile marketing company, but it does confirm his belief that the competition for consumer opt-in consent will become increasingly difficult to come by — which is good news for consumers as the rewards in exchange for their private information will become greater.

McConnell says that as SMS marketing becomes truly commonplace, content will have to be crafted ever more carefully to accomplish sales, offering well-timed, interactive (and interesting) messages to which opt-in consumers will respond positively. Speed, he adds, is the other factor that mobile marketing managers will have to incorporate in order to stay relevant.

Ad campaigns run through mobile marketing methods (including text messaging and mobile internet channels) will need to be fluid, with long-term arcs that still allow on-the-ground changes. Consumer feedback, whether positive or negative, should be anticipated and acted on when required. It’s great to have your ad go viral, says McConnell, pointing to the Old Spice videos with Isaiah Mustafa, but it can just as easily go awry as in the Adidas Death Star vs. Japan incident.

In that Adidas campaign, which was run by the company’s digital marketing man, Chris Barbour, nothing of lasting negative impact happened to the product line. The event did serve to underscore how creativity in mobile marketing is risky but, as Barbour said of the episode: “innovation is always worth the risk, even if the consequences are entirely unpredictable.”

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