Text Marketing: More Than Advertising

The most telling point of Douglas McIntyre’s Daily Finance article is where he writes: “Cell phone use may be reaching a saturation point in America.” That’s great news for text marketing advocates on both sides of the service fence – those companies that provide mobile marketing services, like Qittle.com, and any business or person with a good or service they wish to advertise.

Citing information from a 2010 report prepared by Pew Internet and American Life Project (available here in PDF), McIntyre cites other numbers about cell phone in America: one is that adult men slightly lead adult women in terms of cell phone use. Another is that the majority (over ninety percent) of young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 sleep with their cell phones within reach.

Although no SMS marketing campaign would send out ads in the middle of the night, the early morning advertisers (like breakfast restaurants) would do well to note the AM habits of their opt-in customers. Schools who are thinking of implementing text marketing type communication about closures and safety bulletins could easily send wake-up calls to students having trouble getting to morning classes.

Conventions, whatever the business, could also use the mobile marketing messages in this way. They might already have a majority of the opt-in customers (attendees at the conference), but could easily offer the choice to opt-in at convention registration and hotel check-in. More than early-morning wake-ups or breakfast meeting reminders, the messages might also contain information about daily and upcoming events of interest.

Marketers need to embrace the idea that Americans view their cell phones as of safety devices first, enabling both easy contact with family members on the road and the ability to summon immediate help when needed. Instead of seeing mobile phones simply as implements with which to relay advertisements, marketers will be able to use the knowledge that cell phones can (and should) relay information and assistance too and tailor text marketing plans accordingly.

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