2 Easy Ways to Make Money with Mobile Marketing

Text marketing is an immediate way to acquire a one-on-one connection with potential and existing clients that is ideal for nearly any kind of business, from small enterprises to the multi-national companies. Once you consider that 97% of just about all cellular phones as well as smart phones are SMS enabled, this specific convenience has resulted in text messages becoming more popular than e-mail and in many cases, talking on the phone. Around 60% of mobile subscribers presently making use of text message reflect that this particular technology has now become a vital means of communication.

SMS marketing may be used in many different ways which includes running a campaign with mobile ads which is among the most economical ways of keeping contact with people. What way could you include SMS advertising into what you are currently trying to accomplish with each of your businesses? Apart from using Qittle SMS marketing to generate more income for your business, you can use it help people who need this kind of advertising strategy by connecting them with mobile marketing companies, many of which will pay you through an affiliate marketing program.

Among the best ways to make money online is through promoting affiliate services or products. This is probably the least difficult as well as least expensive way to have a business and make a good income. Take one moment to think of about text marketing solutions. What new marketing tool can easily sidestep advertising filters? The one which can do it is actually mobile marketing with the power of text. A primary reason why companies are experiencing positive results with cellular marketing is because of the personal touch that other forms of advertising cannot provide. Join our Affiliate team and get in on the ground floor of the Qittle Affiliate program. We’ll pay you $100 for the clients you send to Qittle who become new customers. Ready to Sign up, click here to learn more about the Qittle Mobile Marketing Affiliate Program

2 Easy Ways to Make Money with Mobile Marketing


About Casey McConnell

Casey McConnell, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, founded Qittle in September 2008. Before founding Qittle, Mr. McConnell was the Marketing Director for The Aspen Club & Spa. Raised in Greeley, Colorado, Casey attended The Colorado School of Mines on an athletic scholarship for football. After college, Casey worked for his family's construction business before beginning his first Internet endeavor--Zoe Juice. Casey moved to Aspen, Colorado where he worked in the hospitality industry before starting at The Aspen Club & Spa in 2006. He worked to develop a vitamin line for the club before he was promoted to Marketing Manager in 2007. In his work with email marketing, Casey sees the potential text messaging will bring to the global marketplace-- much like how email exploded in the early part of the century. Casey is a member of Roaring Fork Leadership as well as the Aspen Young Professionals Association. He spends his free time in the mountains hiking in the summer and hitting the slopes in the winter. In the future, Casey hopes to take Qittle global and envisions the brand Qittle to be the number one company for text messaging solutions for businesses of all kind. Qittle, whose name Casey derived from different words meaning "talk" or "chatter," became a vision of how to quantify marketing efforts while incorporating the newest promising way to relay messages- mobile text messaging.
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